Client Testimonials

The trainer was engaging and got everyone involved

I would recommend this workshop, it was engaging and informative. Excellent overall.

MARAC Co-ordinator

The course contained everything I needed to get from it

We were given lots of relevant information, able to ask questions at any point and discussed things as a group. 

Network Manager & Marketing Officer

The course was made interesting and everyone was involved

Everyone was put at their ease. The course leader was engaging. The course had only a small number of people on which was better as everyone joined in.

Schools Resources Officer

Excellent delivery

The training was really informative, put in simple easy to understand terms with real life examples. The trainer was really informed and the delivery & pace was great.

HR Assistant

I liked most the speakers experience, knowledge and clarity

The delivery the course was excellent, very professional and engaging.  I would recommend the services of Griffin House Consultancy to anyone wanting to prepare for GDPR.

Data Manager