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This GDPR online eLearning Course empowers users with basic data protection knowledge thus protecting themselves, the organisation and the data of data subjects.


This Level 1 GDPR online course is designed as an introduction to your obligations in data protection and privacy.


1.5 - 2 hours.


Online – eLearning Course.


The Data protection course is delivered online and at time convenient. It takes between 1.5 - 2 hours and includes videos followed by short mini-quizzes with a final 20 question multiple choice exam. Some videos are less than 5 minutes and two last around 20 minutes.


Level 1.


Certificate issued - the exam is externally set and certified by Hand in Hand Professionals Limited.

Benefits of GDPR Online Course

It is a legal requirement to protect personal data using both technical and organisational measures. The Griffin House Consultancy can help you meet these mandatory obligations.

  • Empower you with knowledge
  • Strengthen brand and client trust
  • Enhance professional development
  • Demonstrate compliance with the accountability notion

Qualification Specification

EU and UK data protection legislation requires every organisation based in the EU or UK, or processing data on UK or EU citizens, to train their staff to an adequate level to keep personal information safe, this means that every employee, volunteer or temporary member of staff within your organisation who has access to personal data must have a fundamental understanding of data protection, privacy and data security.
For team members who are in junior roles, do not deal actively with confidential or sensitive personal information, or for those requiring an annual refresher, a cost effective solution to give them the basic knowledge and information they require is this Data Protection eLearning level 1 course.
Previous learners enjoyed the  data protection course because
  • They could take the course at their own pace
  • Stop and start the course using the dashboard
  • Enjoyed the mix of video and animation

GDPR online Course content

  • Overview and importance of data protection
  • General introduction to EU data protection and GDPR
  • Difference between personal and sensitive or special categories of personal data
  • How to take simple steps to avoid security breaches
  • Importance of privacy
  • Need for technical security
  • Dangers of using social media, viruses, malware
  • Role of data protection regulators or supervisory authorities
  • Levels of sanctions and enforcement action
  • Plus more useful hints and tips

A refersher course is available to supplement this full introduction and bespoke modules can  be created specifically for individual clients.


We are very excited to announce that we are building a new elearning site and you will be notified when this is operational. Any licences purcased and not used will be transferred to the new site.