The email could have gone into your spam folder. To get an email resent:

- Click 'login' in the top right hand corner of the page

- Click 'Forgot Password'

- Enter your email address

- You will receive an email with instructions on how to change your password

If you are an administrator of an account and you also wish to take a course, then you need to add yourself as a user. Only users can take a course, not administrators. Make sure you use a different email address to the one used on your administrator account. You will then be listed as a user as well as administrator.

When you are logged in as administrator, you can go to your dashboard and enter details of the users who you wish to take the course. It is on this page that you can see who has taken the course, their progress, who has passed and also download a copy of their certificate for your records.

From the home page, click on Sign Up and select whether you want an individual account (just one licence), or are an organisation wishing to purchase multiple licences. The page will confirm the fee for each course, which is banded so the more licenses you purchase, the lower the unit cost - all you do is enter the number of licences (or courses) you need. There is a link to view our terms and conditions of supply - you must accept these to continue. You will then have the option to pay by card and instantly access the content, or request an invoice, which may take time to generate. Please be aware that the account will only be live once payment from you is received by us.

- Click 'login' in the top right hand corner of the page

- Click 'Forgot Password'

- Enter your email address

- You will receive an email with instructions on how to change your password

Any of our courses or workshops, either online or offline, can be tailored to an organisation's specific circumstances. 

This means we can insert video content supplied by the client, change our existing content and add in specific questions relevant to that organisation. 

Only your organisation will see the course - bespoke courses are hidden until a user logs in, and then only users authorised by your orgsniation will be able to view the content.

Send an email to or call 01673 885533 to discuss your individual requirements.

- Go to the dashboard and add a new user.

- Select ‘Courses’ and then select ‘Our Courses’,
  or if you have a bespoke course just select ‘Our Courses’.

- Identify the course you wish to add the user to, and then look for the last column labelled 'Action'.

- There are two icons - an ‘eye’ icon to view your staff progress and a ‘people’ icon. To add users to the course, click on the ‘people’ icon.  The ‘people’ icon looks like 3 figures stood together.

- For users not highlighted (assigned), simply click on the plus button.

Watch video on vimeo

To take a course, it first must be allocated to you by your company administrator.  If no courses are listed in the 'Our Courses' section, then contact your administrator.   Their details are listed under the ‘contact us’ section on the bottom left of the screen.


If you need to change any of your details (email, password, address, marketing preferences), you can find out by watching the video below.




When you select pay by PayPal you can chose to pay by PayPal or credit/debit card - you do NOT need to open a PayPal account. 

If you are asked to open a PayPal account, simply tick 'No Thanks'.


This may be an issue with your browser.
Try the following:-
  1. Logging out from the site (please use logout and not just closing browser)
  2. Closing your browser
  3. Opening the site again and logging in
  4. Clearing your cache – to do this simply press Control and F5 at the same time.
Now try and take the quiz again.
NB. If you are using a Citrix sever - see our FAQ about remote access.
If you still have issues - raise a ticket and we will be happy to help.

We have been made aware of an issue some clients have experienced when accessing our website via a Citrix type remote service. 

We cannot explain by but the next question is not being displayed correctly.

The solution is very simple, you can access the course from a normal network or stand alone connection.

We are aware that there is an issue with users using the Edge browser. 

The assign staff function is not working correctly. We are working hard in the background to identify the issue with the browser, but in the meantime, could we ask that you try and use another browser such as Chrome or Internet Explorer.