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Data protection training for the Health Care Sector

Do you work in the health care sector and hold data? Then you have a legal duty to train your staff in data protection and information governance.

As a provider of healthcare services, you are likely to hold data that is of a sensitive nature, but do you know how to keep your data safe and ensure your organisation is compliant?

It is imperative that your organisation is kept up-to-date with the GDPR, PECR and the Data Protection Bill, and that you have an appointed Data Protection Officer (DPO) to keep your data protected and compliant. This person will need to be fully trained in all data protection legislation to ensure they can help you:

  • Keep your business safe
  • Protect your reputation
  • Expand your competitive edge


Let us make data compliance easy, entertaining and engaging

With over 25 years of experience, at Griffin House Consultancy, we understand exactly what tools your staff need to protect your business through the GDPR, PECR and the new Data Protection Bill. This is why we always aim to deliver the right balance of fun, engaging and informative content throughout our workshops.

Call us today on 01673 88 55 33 to speak to a member of our team today about your in-house data protection. 

Courses and workshops available:

  • eLearning
  • GDPR Awareness (public & onsite delivery)
  • Data protection & information governance
  • Certified training 
  • Bespoke courses and workshops to your specific requirements


The course was really interesting and provided by a very knowledgeable trainer, who was not only interested in the subject matter but was enthusiastic about it also, which in turn gave the course momentum.  Really enjoyed it and learnt a lot of little facts that made the big picture a little clearer.

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Online Courses

Data protection, information governance and marketing online eLearning courses


Certified Courses

Trainer led courses to empower your staff with the knowledge they need


Bespoke Courses and Workshops

Personalised workshops and courses tailored to each individual organisation


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