View about Paul Adams

Consultant & Trainer

Paul has worked in the Data Industry for over 25 years. As a personable, enthusiastic and knowledgeable trainer and consultant he brings a wealth of experience and real world examples to the courses.
Originally from London, Paul was heavily involved with third sector organisations such as Christian Aid and War On Want. In 1990 Paul was one of the founder Directors of ADMAR Support Services, a highly respected specialist data agency, and over the years has been involved in many interesting data projects. Paul holds a BSc and Law degree, holds a postgraduate certificate in Data Protection Law and Information Governance and postgraduate certificate and diploma in Information Rights Law and Practice and is due to complete his LLM (Masters in Law, specifically in Data Protection & Information Governance) shortly. He is passionate about data protection and during his time with ADMAR promoted the highest standard of propriety possible.
Old fashioned words such as integrity, honesty and respect feature highly in Paul’s vocabulary, and clients can expect a friendly, warm and professional reception during every contact with Paul. In 2014 Paul, together with Mike Martin, transferred the training and consultancy side of ADMAR to the Griffin House Consultancy and continue to help their clients with their data protection and information governance requirements.
Paul is proud to be an associate trainer for Salford University One CPD departnment, and takes great pleasure in conveying complex legal topics in an easily to understand and memorable way.
Paul is always there for a chat – just call if you need help, advice, or just a shoulder to lean on. We love to talk.
Consultant, trainer, mentor, governance warrior and dog lover.