Personalised Course

Looking for something a little more you? 

We understand that when it comes to data protection, one size will never fit all. 

You can be confident that every member of your team, from CEO to Office Junior, is trained to the appropriate level of skill for their responsibilities.


Our personalised e-learning courses can be custom branded, and we can tailor the content to suit your needs. The Griffin Team will also be on hand to answer your personalised questions as and when you need us.

In House

Busy? We can come to you and deliver specific training and tailored workshops to suit your team. We can deliver one workshop to your marketing department with a focus on the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulation, another talking to your sales team about the new rules on Data Processing and deliver a Q&A on the GDPR in the board room.

We won't just train you to pass an exam.  We will empower your team with the knowledge, skills and confidence to do their job competently, and in doing so give them the knowledge they need 
to pass the exam with flying colours.


Professional, informative, practical and enjoyable… See for yourself, sign up today

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We teach at:

  • Board-level or shop-floor
  • In-house or our-house
  • Online or in-person
  • We can be as broad as you need us to be


“Course provider has excellent knowledge, participation in the workshop was well suited to the course content, rather than just receiving information.”

Leadership PA and Clerk to Governors


Online Courses 

Data protection, information governance and marketing online eLearning courses


Certified Courses 

Trainer led courses to empower your staff with the knowledge they need


Bespoke Courses and Workshops 

Personalised workshops and courses tailored to each individual organisation


Data Protection

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