Data protection training for the SME

If your company regularly handles data then training your staff in data protection will minimise your risks of a data breach. Our e-learning courses are perfectly designed to train your staff to ensure they understand the basics of data protection. We always aim to make them engaging, fun and informative, and in equal measure to ensure your staff have a fun training session, whilst also learning the required information. 

We can give your staff the knowledge, power and confidence to tackle the new data protection laws head on

We have over 25 years’ experience and understand exactly what tools your staff need to keep your business safe, protect your reputation and expand your competitive edge:

  • eLearning
  • GDPR awareness (public & onsite delivery)
  • Data protection and information governance
  • Certified training 
  • Bespoke courses and workshops to your specific requirements



"The style of delivery and interaction format ensured that what could be perceived as a dry subject was interesting and informative."

Payroll and Resources Team Leader

Online Courses

Data protection, information governance and marketing online eLearning courses


Certified Courses

Trainer led courses to empower your staff with the knowledge they need


Bespoke Courses and Workshops

Personalised workshops and courses tailored to each individual organisation


Data Protection

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